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Our generous supporters

The financial support of the people listed below has been crucial to our success to date in protecting the North Gwillimbury Forest. Their support has allowed us to hire expert legal and planning advisors and to make a compelling case for the protection of one of the ten largest remaining forest areas in the Lake Simcoe Watershed. If you would like to join them in supporting our important cause, please click here.

Contributions of $1,000 or more

Anonymous (5)
411 Bouchier Street
Jane Aitken
Debby Beatty
Mary Byers
Rick Byers
Canavan Family Foundation
Sheila & George Connell
Nancy and Britt Doherty
George Gibbons
Jack Gibbons & Mary Lovett
Donna Green
Paul Higgins Jr.
Irving Himel
Ron Kimel
Brian and Joannah Lawson
Loretto Maryholme
Andrew Robinson
Donald Rogers
The Sandler Family
Shanahan Ford Lincoln
Mark Shoom

Contributions of up to $999

Anonymous (7)
Katherine Acheson
Allan Aitken
Haley Alcock
Angela Bischoff
AWARE Simcoe
Sara Begg
Kay Belk
Helen Bennet and Wendy Ospina
Laura Bowman
Sylvia Bowman
Kim Brady
Taelor Branco
Jeff Brown
Linda Burnside
Laurissa Canavan
Ian Chisholm
Sally Cohen
Thomas Connell
John Cooper
Rosaleen & Tim Crooks
Virginia Cryderman
M.I. Darrigo
Roman Demchyshyn
Gretchen Dewhirst
Jean & John Ecclestone
Stewart Elgie
Cynthia Elson
Frank Evestaff
Gary and Susan Fediuk
Pat & Mike Fenton
Roger Filion
Michele Fischer
Pam Fulford
Janet Gibson
Debbie Gordon
Jody Graves
Cherlyn & Gerald Griggs
Frank Guaragna
Paul Harris
Andrew Himel
V. Hunt
John Hunter & Jane McCulloch
Innisfil District Association
Jonathan Irwin
Shin Imai
Janice Jones-Skinner
Alfred and Marie Judd
Tom Kinnear
Darren Lalonde
Thomas Lancaster
Richard Lesonis
Phil Lidsky
James Loewen and Shannon Morrison
Marvin Malamed
Gloria Marsh
Carol & Allan McDermott
Elaine McDougall
Gordon McNulty
Ira Meiteen
Becky Miller
Charlene Milton
Dave Neeson
Roly Nicholls
Shannon Noble
Sheila O’Reilly
Jackie and John Peirol
Melissa Potter
Jim Price
Steven Prosser
Joan Raymond
Gloria Reszler
Albert Roffey
Doreen Ross
Cynthia Sanderson
Robert & Shannon Sayers
Michael Schneppenheim
Denise Sheedy
John Schwaier
Mark Setter
William Shore
Scott Steele
Sr. Yvonne Steffler I.B.V.M. 
Peter Stevens
Sarah Stevenson
Dave Szollosy
Ann Truyens
Elias Vamvakas
Laurie Wallace
Linda Wells
Helen Whalen
Joyce Whitty
Maureen & Peter Wilcox
Kenneth Wilson
Mark Winter


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The North Gwillimbury Forest is an important piece of the larger York-Simcoe Forest, which stretches all the way from Orchard Beach to the Dalton Road in Jackson’s Point. It contains the Arnold C. Matthews Nature Reserve, which will be cut off from the rest of the forest by Metrus' proposed Maple Leaf Estates.


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